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Exhibition & Collection




The Bortenreuther-Haus is one of the most important baroque buildings in the Saxon Erzgebirge region. Its elaborate facade exhibits the features of the Dresden Baroque style.

Designed by Johann Christoph Naumann, it was built in 1724/25 as a large residence and place of business for lace trader Johann Friedrich Bortenreuther. Today, the building is a World Heritage property in the Schneeberg Mining Landscape of the Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří Mining Region.





Museum front



Who doesn't love the smell of candy floss, the sound of the barrel organ, the hurly-burly of funfair? The Erzgebirgische Dorfkirmes fairgound is a pride and joy of the Museum, enchanting and amazing visitors. Marvel at this extraordinary scene, realistic figures, whirling carousels, a brass band, 14 dancing couples and much more besides. Erich Parthey spent 25 years perfecting the sophisticated and intricate mechanism to bring this masterpiece to life.


Dates of presentation:

01.01./05.04./23.05./22.07./24.07./ 28.11./04.12./12.12./19.12./


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